Four Weeks, Three Buttons, Two Weeks, One Zipper

I like Maurice’s. They’re medium-expensive, so I can afford the products and the products usually last a long time. The clothes are cute. There are a lot of options and they’re aware that not every person has the same body shape. That said, I like to be satisfied when I buy something. When something breaks without reason, I get annoyed. Really annoyed.

Four weeks ago, I bought a coat at Maurice’s. It was on sale from $70 for $35. Then, I got an additional discount bringing it down to $22.75.

That weekend, I wore it skiing and before I was even out on the slopes, I lost a button.

By the end of that week, I lost two more buttons. I was annoyed, contemplated taking it back and didn’t. Why? Because it’s just buttons. I can buy new buttons, replace them and sew them on. No big deal. Even my sewing skills aren’t that pathetic. Mine’ll probably last a few years, anyway.

Today, two weeks later, Mike and I went to the truck. His buddy who’s house sitting for us dropped us off and I volunteered to grab some mocha frappes (yes, it’s Indiana and it’s 12 degrees outside. But it’s a mocha frappe for Pete’s sake).

Mike said that was fine, as long as I bundled up. He pulled up my zipper. It broke off in his hand. It just completely snapped off. REALLY?!

Time to write my letter of complaint. Yes, zippers can be replaced, but it’s a much bigger deal than a button. And I may have only paid $20, but it’s a $70 coat. That’s unacceptable. And I want my money back.

Oh, to make it worse, as soon as I got back, I dropped my caramel frappe all over the ground. No problems until I got to the truck. And then? Splattered on the ground. So sad. (The upside is Mike offered to treat me as soon as we see a McDonald’s.)


About robinmcclure

I am a writer and my husband is a trucker. We're newlyweds (married September 11, 2010). Sometimes, I have the opportunity to go on the road with him. Here, I will document those and any other travel experiences. I would like to shed some light on what trucking is really like - from the perspective of a rider.
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