Overview of the Naples Zoo: Naples, Florida

Mike and I spent our honeymoon in Naples, Florida. The city is beautiful. The population is mostly older (not to mention more well-to-do), so we felt a little out of place, but we still had a good time. I couldn’t find my camera, so we had to borrow my sisters. I will put pics up when she arrives for her visit (hurray!)

The Naples Zoo is beautiful. They have dozens of animals and the zookeepers do little “shows” so you can learn more about the animals. We learned about the zoo’s two bears and how before they came to be at the zoo, they were stuck in someone’s bedroom. The brother and sister were dressed up like little stuffed animals or babies. When the owner died, his children didn’t want them. Now, the female still has difficult with the fact that she has more room and tends to walk back and forth across the same path, approximately the distance of an 8×8 bedroom.

We also saw snakes, which gave me a bit of a heart attack, but was still interesting. The zookeepers told us about them, their poison and let us ask any questions we wanted. Can you say, “Dream come true.” I love asking questions. In any case, I learned that snakes see in black and white and that their scales feel like the top of a human fingernail and is made of approximately the same substance.

We also saw the alligators being fed. Did you know that in Florida it’s illegal to feed the alligators? You’ll get a fine and a ticket. Why? Simple. When alligators are fed, they go back to that same feeding place. So if you feed them your sandwich one day, they’ll come back the next day when they see someone standing there (say, fishing his golf ball out of the small pond) and go for him. The zookeeper said something along the lines of, “If you could just stand there while you’re being bit, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

The problem comes when you pull back. Because then the alligator pulls, drags you into the water, drowns you and realizes he doesn’t want to eat you, after all. Depressing, right? (They don’t like their food – with the exception of fish – fresh. They bury it so it gets icky and old and then unbury it and eat it. Eehhh)

We also met the male and female lions at the zoo. I’ve never seen lions awake before. Normally, they sleep the whole time. Maybe they wag their tale for you. These lions were very happy to be getting their food and made an appearance. And I got peed on.


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I am a writer and my husband is a trucker. We're newlyweds (married September 11, 2010). Sometimes, I have the opportunity to go on the road with him. Here, I will document those and any other travel experiences. I would like to shed some light on what trucking is really like - from the perspective of a rider.
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