Clearly, I’ve done a terrible job writing regularly.

The husband’s truck broke down twice yesterday. It was the same thing but times: the fuel filter. Evidently, there is one on each side of the truck. The first mechanic came while we were parked on the side of the road. He barely had time to pull off before the truck stopped. It wouldn’t accelerate or anything.

I had to get out while he set up the triangles. It’s dangerous to be in the truck before the hazard signs are set up, in case someone doesn’t see the emergency lights flashing and hits the truck.

The worst part? We were carrying an important load, and we hadn’t gone far enough to stop yet. Just didn’t have a choice.

Although his truck breaks down a lot, this is the first time it’s happened while I’ve been along. Outside, it was FREEZING!!!! He tried to get me to stand next to the truck engine while we were waiting for the mechanic to arrive, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Good thing, too. While he was showing me how easy it is, he ripped his pants.

The second time it broke down, I was passed out on the bed. He’d managed to pull into a teeny tiny truck stop and someone was coming out to fix it. He kissed my forehead, which woke me up, and told me. I’m pretty sure I mumbled something incoherent.

Not long after, though, I woke up. I had work I wanted to get done. (And I did, though it took much longer than I expected. My work. Not the repair.)

In any case, we have a long run that’s taking us right by where we live, so we’re stopping for the night.

The best part? His sister is in labor — right now! (She’s been in the hospital for 45 hours now, poor thing,) So I might be able to meet my niece!!

Also while home I will find my camera if I have to tear the whole house apart to do so. I hate seeing beautiful scenery and not being able to take a photo of it.  So many pretty places in this country.

Tomorrow: I will be writing about my niece, assuming she decides to come and meet people today.


About robinmcclure

I am a writer and my husband is a trucker. We're newlyweds (married September 11, 2010). Sometimes, I have the opportunity to go on the road with him. Here, I will document those and any other travel experiences. I would like to shed some light on what trucking is really like - from the perspective of a rider.
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