…And we’re back!

So, this morning, my sister-in-law took us to the truck so that Mike and I can head back out on the road. I’m super tired… not sure why. So, I’m working. I can’t find my camera, so I can’t take (halfway decent) pictures, but I will update this regularly (daily) over the next three weeks, while we are out together.

Trucking is a very different lifestyle. The quarters are small. Cost of living is high. Bathrooms are even more rare than they are for regular car trips, because trucks can only park in specific locations. You’ll end up in different places around the country.  Pretty, really. Sometimes, the food is good. Sometimes, it’s not. It’s all expensive.


About robinmcclure

I am a writer and my husband is a trucker. We're newlyweds (married September 11, 2010). Sometimes, I have the opportunity to go on the road with him. Here, I will document those and any other travel experiences. I would like to shed some light on what trucking is really like - from the perspective of a rider.
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